How to become a teacher on this platform?

In order to become a teacher of our platform, you need to create a teacher's account in DUNNO.
During registration, we ask you to attach documents that prove your qualifications. Example: If you want to teach in the "cooking" category, then your knowledge in this area will serve as a plus. Any documents confirming the qualifications will raise the teacher higher in the rating.
If you are a student or just a specialist in your field - say, you are not a professional English teacher in the highest category, but you know English perfectly, then you can also become a teacher on our platform - we value knowledge! The rest will follow!

What is "rating"?

Rating is how valuable your students consider you as a teacher. Initially, we divide teachers into "beginners and professionals" depending on whether documents are attached.
Next, students give you grades (Yes, not the other way around). The higher the student grades, the higher the rating. The higher the rating, the higher our algorithm evaluates your professionalism.

How much can I earn?

What if we say that income depends only on you? Our recommended price for 1 hour of teaching - starting from 15 euros. How many hours you work and whether your price per lesson is more than 15 euros - depends only on you.

How can I withdraw funds?

Withdrawals take place once a week. We do not have a minimum amount for withdrawal, we are for the fact that teachers receive the earned amount once a week - regardless of how much they earned.

Is the commission charged from the amount earned?

Yes, because a whole team is working on the project.
We have developed a special loyalty system that determines the percentage of the commission. For beginner teachers it is 20%, for our permanent teachers it is 15%. The percentage is constantly changing - the more lessons you teach, the smaller the percentage goes to the commission (but not less than 15%).

Can I contact students outside of the platform?

No, this is prohibited by the terms of use of the platform. We are for honesty!

How can I find students?

Do not worry! The students will find you themselves. Pay attention to your profile - the better it is filled out, the more likely it is that your potential student will notice you.